The Best We Can Give

by No Reception

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It took us almost a year for this album to get done
All recording was done by ourselves with the help of some good friends


released June 17, 2013

Produced by Josiah Maltby



all rights reserved


No Reception Greensboro, North Carolina

\m/ rock n' roll \m/

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Track Name: Constant War
I've been thinking too much about how I've been thinking too much
But this is "I'm not giving up," and I'm hoping it will solve
All of these problems that I make up in my mind
It doesn't matter what you choose to do when all your decisions are made for you

But this can't be something I dread
It's all in my head

I just hate when I look at myself
I have to dig to try to find some kind of meaning

And I'm putting my best foot forward
Not to achieve what you want because I'm doing this for me
And we know that this has to get better
Only time will make all of these things clear to see

And I'm putting my best foot forward
Not to achieve what you want because I'm doing this for me
And we know that this has to get better
Only time will make all of these things clear to see

And I'm putting my best foot forward
Not to achieve what you want because I'm doing this for me
And we know that this has to get better
Only time will make all of these things clear to see
And we know that this has to get better
Only time will make all of these things clear to see
Track Name: Jordan Strickland
I've changed for the better, and you for the worst
I'm hitting you hard, and I hope that it hurts
These tears you cry, they don't mean shit to me
'Cause you stabbed my back, and you watched be bleed
Turn around for the second to the last time
So I can tell you how much you made me lose my mind
My thoughts towards you, they don't exist anymore
The truth of the matter is you're just a stupid whore

You're so damn good at getting me to hate you
An I wish that I fucked you up the same way too
(We don't need an explanation for the space that we take up
You don't need an explanation, we all know that you're made up)

I took the long way home tonight
No need to know who was wrong, 'cause I know I'm still right
Carry on with your crap, 'cause I'm done with you kid
What must really suck is now you've got no one to be with
Track Name: The Best We Can Give With What We Own
Looking back at the past, what could we miss
Jumping to conclusions, all this damn confusion
It makes me sick
And I look for hints and clues of what our world must be coming to
I might imply these cheap shots that help get us by every time
Our sense is too far gone
Always an innocent request these times
These words are also yours, not just mine

Reflections on past decisions
We never looked too far ahead
What might have been our inspiration
Would have left us to just stay at home instead

We come out here with empty hands
Not a dime to be spent
South Spring street was the best place where times like the never happen again
We shout through the night about what could be worse
But we all know
This is the best we can give with what we own

I heard it's getting time now
Time to take away everything that we've started
And all that we've done
It was just a waste of time
But this won't happen, I'll never let this happen
I'm never leaving on my own
I can't leave on my own

With what we have
We'll never let this go
Track Name: I'll Feel Better
Why did they have to pave Muirfield
And board up the building at Lowe's
Did they know that 300 kid's hearts were boarded up too
And now they rest among the broken glass and old shoes

You should've stopped at the parking lot
Or never even started at all
'Cause this place sure has it's up and downs, but I'll feel better in the fall

The cracks in the street hold way too many memories
Of days it was too hot to be outside
But fuck it to the world we said, we never thought we'd have to shed
The skin in which we hoped that we'd grow tall
'Cause this place can really suck sometimes, but I'll feel better in the fall
In the fall
But one thing I can take away is that the list of things we did
Is bigger than the list of shit we never got to do

Jump into the lake at midnight
No one was ever very fond
Call for Blink on morning jumpstart
But the lines were always mobbed
Longboard right onto the highway
We were always asleep at 2 am
Sneak into Calvary skatepark
Now the ramps are gone and it's a gym
They say leaving is the hardest
Well I guess that they were right for once
We felt like we deserved the world
Even though we didn't accomplish much
This must be a part of moving on
But I don't know where I'm moving on to
And I know that I can come back at times
But this feeling will be so small

'Cause this place can be hard on you sometimes
But I'll feel better in the fall
I'll feel better in the fall
'Cause this place sure has it's ups and downs
But I'll feel better in the fall
I'll feel better
Track Name: The Tillers
Another awakening, but will I become who I said that I would be
Or will I fall back asleep, into that old dream where nothing happens at all
These actions that I make up in my mind
Have no reality or perception of time
Waking up to fall back asleep, you don't know what it does to me
Bad habits, and changing attitudes

I will not do as told, no I will not do as told
No I will not do as told
Track Name: 23 Scars (And Counting)
I just had the worst fucking day of my life again
Funny to think there's only four more weeks of this shit, and I'm ready to call it quits
I'm stressed out of my mind and I'm anxious
These grey hairs on my head can tell you I don't have the time for this
And I just received the worst consequence of procrastination

So take a grab of what you have they said
You've fucked up bad kid
It's gonna come back and hit you where it hurts the most

But I know somehow, I'll be okay
You can take me in and lock me up all day
You know what fuck your system
I don't need another reason to why I can't move on
I know I can go on

I'm stuck here, theres nothing I can do to get away
I might as well die here, the morning headlines didn't have anything new anyways
So shove a bullet through my head, if you think theres a better way to solve your bad decisions
It's not my fault, I'm not paid to do this
Don't tell me one more time that I'm gonna make it through this
I don't need your fucked up input on how my future might not tend to be

You'll wake me from my sleep
You said this isn't how you wanted things done
This isn't how you wanted my life to be

It feels like I'm trapped underneath, because I can barely breathe
I just gotta let this go
Don't pick me up, I'm letting this go

I'm letting you go
I'll let myself go
Track Name: Just Let Me Be
I remember when everything was alright
You were there to try and help me
You were there to tell me it was all okay
I felt as if I could make it
Like I could make it on my own
Now I'm on my own, and that's not how I would like it to be
My pain my suffering
No one really understands but me
You don't know what it's like to be forced to stay awake until 3
Nothing would really help
You wouldn't have helped me anyways
When you're in a hell like mine, there's no choice but to keep on walking further away
I keep on walking further away

Would they know if I was drowning
If I kept getting closer, too close to the end
Would they know if I was dying
My lungs getting weaker with every breath
Keep your prayers, I'm not suicidal
I just wonder how this could happen to me
Please just let me be

I'm starting to think of the past
How this whole experience has changed me
They might think that I've fucked up, but I can't help this acting up
I know I'm holding on
I just can't tell what I'm holding on to
I'm not just doing this for you

And I know you will only scrape the surface
Of what life must be like for me
Face the facts
It's just tough luck
I could lock myself up, and just let myself bleed
It's hard to think over just two years
I could be drowning in my fucking fear
I'm a restless freak
I can't stand myself
I just can't stand myself

I just can't stand myself

And I know you care, but you won't be around
To make sure that I am safe and fucking sound
You'll go mess with something that you care about most
'Cause what you care about most
You and your fucking boasts
Please just leave me alone
You'll never care
You never even really cared at all

Maybe I'm depressed
Maybe I'm on my own
Track Name: Notecards
To tell the truth, I know I never made you proud
You always yell at me when I am gone
And I am just away from you, to do things for my own good
And we are just living like we should

I will never live your life
I don't need your help to survive

And you can tell my dad that he can turn around and come back home now
'Cause I'm not wasting another night in that shitty ass home of a jail cell
Yeah when I'm older
Yeah when I'm older
We will both look back on this
And we'll both know it was for the better
It was always for the better

(We're leaving by the end of next summer
You can say goodbye to your fucking dreams for me
Your dreams are fucking dead to me)

You know I am going to leave you
And I know I will never try to impress you
Making you happy will never cross my mind again
So for now, it's farewell my friend
I would like to say that I am leaving for good
I will tell you both that I am leaving for good

And I know I'm not perfect, but I know I'm not worthless
I'll take my god damn time just trying to remember this
They've told me
I know
I'm nothing special and tomorrow
You will not remember my name
Will you know my name

Will you know my name